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Despite the hardships of social distancing, we can still enjoy an original and creative fashion month and many exciting spring 2021 fashion trends! Designers must create their own collections during the global pandemic, so for the big ones among them For most people, these designs are a reflection or response to COVID-19.

Many designers show their collections in outdoor videos, while others decorate them with various plants to shoot videos or lookbooks. This may be the most environmentally friendly fashion month ever, however, the environment has not been so obvious in the spring and summer 2021 fashion trends. Street Style, Parisian Style and streetwear brands are quite popular in 2021.

The different directions of summer 2021 fashion trends are also very attractive. We noticed the emergence of two main themes: some designers chose a more practical route, designing comfortable clothes, while others were immersed in fantasy and escape.

Without further ado, let's take a look at what spring and summer 2021 fashion trends have prepared for us!


Feathers are once again a fashion trend in the spring and summer of 2021! In some cases, adding feathers is a dreamy and escapist embellishment, while in other cases, it adds a comfortable, soft touch to real clothing.

Salvatore Ferragamo's feathers were added to professional daily wear. Models wore feather-covered pencil skirts or trousers instead of gorgeous dresses.

In No. 21, the designer added a sense of movement and luxury to skirts and dresses, such as upgraded tassels. Our favorite is the mix and match of a comfortable large purple sweater and feather skirt which are popular among streetwear brands.

However, this is not just a question of skirts. Koche has a cool cloak covered with blue, red and white feathers.